Full Service / Repair

Northwest Truck & Trailer Repair

 24-7 Roadside Assistance

Truck Repair

We offer on-site fleet maintenance programs to assist in keeping your fleet’s trucks & trailers in-service at all times. Our technicians back at the shop perform all types of repairs from Med to Heavy Duty Trucks, Semi Truck, Diesel Engine Repair, and Fleet Maintenance.

Tire Service

We have a preventative maintenance service shop for all your tire repairs or replacements. Our shop offers all sizes and types, new and used. We also have 24 hour emergency roadside tire repair and fleet maintenance available. We know it’s expensive for you to have a truck down with tire problems. Every hour lost is money lost.

We’re here to help you make the most money possible, whether you’re a single owner/operator or you manage an entire fleet. We do that by providing reliable products and services when you need them. So when you’re looking for truck tires, mechanical repairs, or mobile tire service, count on Northwest Truck and Trailer Repair to take care of all your needs.

Service Shop

We are experts in determining a specific maintenance plan for each diesel vehicle. We thrive on constantly researching recurrent factory problems and issues and technical service bulletins, therefore, keeping abreast of all service requirements to keep your individual vehicle, or fleet vehicle, in its optimum running condition.

Your truck is important to you. If it’s a commercial vehicle, it’s a part of your business. If your truck has engine problems, having downtime is just unacceptable. You can be assured we make every attempt to provide the fastest turnaround without sacrificing quality work and quality time to every detail.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, every-time, all the time!